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This page includes a how-to guide on getting the Angelito FW Turbo flying car, one of the best vehicles in Far Cry 6.

You’ll be moving around a lot in Far Cry 6, and taking to the skies can get you shot down by anti-aircraft guns (before you destroy them, of course), so being able to freely fly and drive is a complete game-changer. Thankfully, there is an incredible flying car in Far Cry 6 that can do precisely that.


  • Method 1: Unlock via the Hideout Network
  • Method 2: Find at the Revmira Supply Dock
  • Method 3: Find at Fort Estrella Del Norte
  • Method 4: Complete the "Winged Beast Flight Plan" Gran Premio Race
  • Why You Should Unlock The Angelito FW Turbo Flying Car

How To Unlock the Angelito FW Turbo Flying Car

To unlock the Angelito FW Turbo, you must find one and return it to a vehicle or airplane pickup station, or scan it with your phone. There are four methods to achieve this. Method 1 provides three possible locations. It is guaranteed but will take Resources to unlock. Method 2 and Method 3 will require some exploration and some preparation. Method 4 may require a few attempts while you learn how to control the flying car.

Method 1: Unlock via the Hideout Network

You’ll need to complete the Meet The Monteros, Meet Maximas Matanzas, or Meet the Legends Operation Mission to unlock the car through this method.

Once you’ve completed one of the Meet The... operations and introduced yourself to a guerrilla faction, you’ll have access to the base-building center at their Guerrilla Camp.

Approach the Foreman at the Guerrilla Camp and construct the Hideout Network, then upgrade it once to unlock the Enhanced Hideout Network, which will ensure there is always a vehicle at the Hideouts you’ve unlocked. Three of the Guerrilla Hideouts will have the Angelito FW Turbo. Now you must locate the Hideouts.

This next part can change depending on whether you want to spend cash or not.

The easy, but more expensive, way to locate the Hideouts is to purchase the location from the Chief Scout at the Hideout Network.

If you want to save some cash, follow our guides below to find each Hideout.


Hideout Charanga, Madrugada

just head to this location on the map and approach to discover the Hideout. It is situated on the guerrilla trail in the area east of Verdera and south of Palma Forest.

Once you arrive, if you’ve completed all the above steps, you should see this beautiful Angelito sitting near the hideout.

Pull out your phone and scan the beauty to make sure you can summon it from car and plane stations, and you are good to go.

Take it out for a spin and get used to this unique, and awesome, vehicle!

Hideout Conjunto, Valle de Oro

This Guerrilla Hideout is in the Barrial district of Valle de Oro, near the border with Noventarmas. Follow the guerrilla trail that runs north and south through this mountainous area to find the Hideout.

Hop in and take off, but be sure to find a relatively straight stretch of trail so you can get it up to speed before trying to get airborne.

Hideout Guaracha, El Este

You will find this Guerrilla Hideout in the La Joya district of El Este, southwest of Pequeña Bay and La Joya Port.


The Angelito FW Turbo is parked alongside a short airstrip just east of the Hideout. This provides a great place to practice takeoffs and landings.

Method 2: Find at the Revmira Supply Dock

This second method is do-able earlier than Method 1, however it does rely on chance and requires some preparation before you set out for it.

First, capture the Cortina Weather Station FND Base in the Southern part of Costa del Mar in Madugrada. This unlocks a Helipad and a helicopter for you to use.

Next, destroy AA Gun Gamma just West of the Weather Station to clear the skies to your destination.

Now Fast Travel back to the Weather Station and take a helicopter. There should be one parked right next to the helipad for you.

You'll be flying out to Revmira Supply Dock, which is on the West coast close to the Revmira construction site in Aguda Cliffs. This should take about one minute.

There's about a 1/10 chance for the Angelito FW Turbo to appear at the Revmira Supply Dock.

The car will be next to the large rusty white building and stacks of wood. If it's not there, Fast Travel back to the Weather Station to try again.


If the car is there, take out all the enemies at the Supply Dock.

Now Scan the car with your phone to add it to your database (it's a bit tricky to drive out of there). Now hop in, navigate your way out, and have fun!

Method 3: Find at Fort Estrella Del Norte

In the northeast corner of Yara, amongst a cluster of small islands, sit Fort Estrella Del Norte. It is a small, unassuming fort with four walls and a central courtyard.

Below the fort is a grotto with multiple access points from the water. A sinkhole next to the fort forms part of the grotto floor. You will find the Angelito FW Turbo at the bottom of the sinkhole.

You can sneak up to the edge of the sinkhole with minimal enemy contact and scan the Angelito with your phone to unlock it. If you don't see the Angelito in the sinkhole, you may need to enter the fort to get it to spawn.

If you want to leave in the Angelito, then there is some work to do. The only exit from the sinkhole for the Angelito is through a mechanized door. The control panel for the door is inside a locked cage, and the key to the cage is inside the fort.

There is only one entrance to the fort. Fight your way in and clear the fort, then search for the key. You can find some notes with clues to the key's location inside the fort.

With the key in hand, repel into the sinkhole to unlock the cage and open the large door. Now jump into the Angelito and get ready to fly. If this is your first time in one of these flying cars, take a second to figure out the controls. The option to display controls is in the lower right corner of the screen. Pay particular attention to the control that activates flight mode. This is not automatic. You have to reach a minimum speed and then activate flight mode in order to get airborne.


Just beyond the large door is a short tunnel and a ramp. Hit the gas and activate flight mode when you hit the ramp. Now you are flying! If you forgot to scan the Angelito with your phone earlier, there is a small airstrip a short distance away. You can see it at the bottom of the map above. Land at the airstrip and park near the plane pickup station to unlock the Angelito FW Turbo.

Method 4: Complete the "Winged Beast Flight Plan" Gran Premio Race

The "Winged Beast Flight Plan" Gran Premio Race is located in southern El Este, along the coastal road, just west of the Valle Prehistorico FND Base. Like other Gran Premio Races, the "Winged Beast Flight Plan" will challenge you to maneuver a vehicle through an obstacle course without exceeding a time limit. The vehicle used for this race is the Angelito FW Turbo.

The race starts with the Angelito in ground mode. While the start is counting down, toggle your controls (the "Show Controls" switch in the lower right corner of the screen) and make note of the "Activate/Deactivate Flight Mode" control. The course begins with a few gates along the coastal road, and then quickly switches to aerial gates, or rings, so be ready to engage the flight mode.

The course continues up into the mountains, switches to ground mode for a few gates, and then back to flight mode for a trip through a river gorge.

The race finishes in ground mode, back where it started.

After completing the race, you will be at the wheel of the Angelito. You can hop out and scan it with your phone to unlock it, or drive/fly it to a car or plane pickup station to unlock it.

Why You Should Unlock The Angelito FW Turbo Flying Car

  1. The Angelito is one of very few vehicles in the game that can serve multiple transportation functions, and it fulfills the two MOST IMPORTANT ones; ground travel and air travel.
  2. Because it can fly and drive, you can drive until you clear the Anti-Aircraft Guns in each area, then take to the skies to make escaping locations, gathering resources and even bypassing checkpoints easy.
  3. In particular, hijacking supply convoys is very easy with the Angelito because you can simply fly right alongside one. You don't even have to land first!
  4. Because the Angelito counts as both a car AND a plane, it can be summoned from any car-summoning AND plane-summoning station, meaning you have access to it in more places than many other types of vehicles, such as the Patriotas Peak Guerrilla Camp which has no vehicle pickup station.
  5. It has a built-in grenade launcher. This makes taking out tricky targets much easier, and even makes it easy to harvest resources and vehicle parts. Just take to the skies, equip your Scrounger Boots to automatically pick up nearby parts and resources, and bomb the crap out of everything!
  6. It’s fun as heck to drive. If you don’t like the idea of a flying car that you can land and take off whenever you want, I don’t know what to tell you.


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